Be Your Company Story Leader


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Be the Story Leader!

Our Signature Course for Growth Teams

One-on-one Coaching for Revenue Growth Team Leaders

As the designated revenue growth leader, you are coached and instructed on story theory, preparing key company stories, facilitating story workshops, coaching storytelling and building your story library.


Self-paced program

Learning from a master

You'll be learning your storytelling skills and creating your own company stories and developing your team in the process. 

We work with you to develop the first 6-8 stories for your new story library and we teach you how to maintain and expand the library.

Program includes

Bi-Weekly Video Coaching sessions (8 in total)

Video message practice and guidance between sessions

Train the Trainer Coaching to help you manage your team

Access to all of our story courses, plus Story Prospecting and Story Meetings

A one-on-one course run at your pace and to suit your business

The Story Leader Certification and your Story Library with key stories in place

About Your Instructor

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

CEO, Co-founder and Chief Storyteller at The Story Leader

Author of of the international bestseller, Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell,  Mike is CEO and Chief Storyteller at The Story Leader

Mike has personally sold more than a billion dollars of products and services and managed sales teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia in IT Software, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Mining, Facilities Services and Industrial Products sectors.

Since 2014, Mike's consulting company, has been helping all types of B2B leaders find and deliver their best stories and create their own story teams.


Overview and Objectives - (SL01)

  • Course Overview and Objectives FREE PREVIEW

Creating Your Key Stories (SL02)

  • Developing Key Stories FREE PREVIEW
  • Story Research and Development FREE PREVIEW
  • Creating your Key Stories

New Business Prospecting with Story (SL04)

  • New Business Prospecting with Stories FREE PREVIEW

Story Meetings - IDEAL Discovery (SL05)

  • Story Meetings - The IDEAL Meeting FREE PREVIEW

Your Company Strategy Story (SL06)

  • The Company Strategy Story

Story Coaching the Team (SL07)

  • Coaching and Team Management with Story

Managing Your Story Library (SL08)


  • Why You Need a Story Library

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