The Story Leader Online Courses

Creating Story-led Organisations


Story Prospecting

Reach out and engage with new clients to turbo-charge your pipeline! Learn how to research, understanding your real buyer, build lists and script what you'll say with stories and questions.


Story Meetings

A framework for first client meetings that sell. Learn stories and questions for the IDEAL meeting. Master the all-important first client meeting.


Persuasive Voice Tone

Learn the hidden secret of persuasion in this unique and rare training course. Most sales training tells you what to say - this course teaches how to say it.


Introduction to Sales

A guide for sales skill development. The three types of sales people What it takes to succeed in sales A guide to what you need to learn


Sales Prospecting Skills

Find and connect with new customers and Turbo charge your pipeline! How to research. Understanding who your real buyer is and what they value. Building lists and scripting what you'll say. Reaching out to your new clients. Work habits for success.


Client Meeting Skills

A framework for meetings that sell! Learn what the IDEAL meeting Come away from every meeting with real progress and Close more deals and better deals